O.TWO.O Ultra Fine Triangle Eyebrow Pencil Precise Brow Definer Long Lasting Waterproof Blonde Brown Eye Brow Makeup 6 Colors


Ultra-fine triangle eyebrow pencil Precise Brow Definer

Easy to color Draw exquisite eyebrows, smooth powder No skidding, no caking, easy to wear Waterproof and long lasting Smooth and easy to wear No dizzy and unique natural ormulation With natural and gentle color, which can help your eyebrow looks more natural

Product information Brand: O.TWO.O Size: 15.4cm*0.7cm Color: 6 Colour Shelf Life: 3 Years Origin: Made in China Feature: Waterproof, Powdery mat finish, Long-wearing, Easy to use

HOW TO USE Step 1:Make one dot at your upper eyebrow head,ridge, and end respectively by using the eyebrow pencil and connect the three dots. Step 2: Make one dot at your lower eyebrow head,ridge, and end respectively and connect the three dots. Step 3: Use the pencil to make feather-like effects in the contour and use a brow brush for blooming effects.

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